Focusing on rap and hip-hop with some trap influences, Dirtty Eagle is a dynamic music artist whose work is known to be fulfilling and upbeat. The award winning artist makes music that touches the souls of listeners. His song Sunday Dinner is known to have helped a fan battling with depression.  

He chose his stage name based on the fact that the eagle represents America, and which was, until very recently the golden child of the world. Dirtty represents the ugly history this country has. By combining the two, Dirtty Eagle embodies the concept of how no matter how oppressed one is, it is still possible to rise above everything towards greatness.  

Dirtty Eagle’s ability to tell stories through his music is one of his most winning qualities and contributes to making him authentic. His interest in music stemmed from the fact that he felt he had a story to tell and his music helped him to do that.  

As an up-and-coming artist, Dirtty Eagle has already performed in front of Grammy award winning producers and executives. His work has drawn comparisons to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Nipsey Hussle but Dirtty Eagle thinks his sound is a mix of J. Cole and Kanye West.  

His most notable songs include Freedom, Quite Like This, Sunday Dinner, and Boomin’. His latest release, has certainly put Dirtty Eagle in a totally new lane many artists have never been in. 

Dirtty Eagle actively donates his time and money to community programs like Brother To Brother, Feed My Starving Children, Chicago Food Depository and Freemasons. He is also focused on the official launch of his clothing line Kulture Shokk and building his record label, Big City Music Group (B.C.M.G.).  

In his free time, when he is not focusing on music, he likes to be with his wife and kids. 

Dirtty Eagle recently released his first solo project, a double album uniquely titled Double Standards. This is one of their latest releases that will no doubt be shooting up the music charts. From My City to Summertime Breeze, he touches on every element of life in his city and takes you on a ride through Chicago like none other. With hundreds of thousands of streams and over a half of a million YouTube views, some were born to exist, Dirtty Eagle was "Born to Fly".